The Bounce Palace, LLC

Inflatable Rentals

Bounce Into FUN!!!

Safety & House Rules

Parents and/or chaperones are responsible for supervising their children at all times.

Absolutely no drop-offs allowed.

Read & follow ALL instructions/rules printed on the actual inflatables.

No bouncing off the walls of the inflatables.

No shoes or bare feet allowed on inflatables.

Socks ARE required to participate on our inflatable equipment.

No sharp objects, jewelry, or sharp hair accessories allowed on any inflatable.

Please secure eye glasses.

NO gum chewing allowed in building.

NO unevenly matched players.

No food or drinks on or around the inflatables at any time.

Please, no running, pushing, or rough play.  Play safe.

We ask that one child slides at a time.

Please no jumping or tumbling down the slides.

When sliding, feet first always, elbows up.

No flipping on inflatables or rolling down slides.

No running up slides or climbing over walls.

NO silly string.

Teenagers and adults are too big to bounce safely; teen and adult weight cannot be distributed correctly.

Absolutely NO bullying.  This is not tolerated at all there will be no warning.  The child and guardian will be asked to leave the facility.

Your safety is our priority!

State law requires riders to obey all warning and directions and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injuring themselves or others.  Riders shall report all injuries before leaving the facility.

The Bounce Palace, LLC is a child/parent environment; parents will be responsible for all children in their care.  While the staff will work hard to ensure everyone plays together and has a great time, following the above rules will ensure that our other guests are able to enjoy their play time also.