We had to close down July 2022.

For those that do not know: We had been leasing our old building since 2013 from our landlord who later sold the building to a couple in 2021.  The new landlords had a meeting with us right after they purchased our building telling us not to worry that everything would stay the same, but they might have to raise our rent some because they were doing some updates to the building.  This was understandable, and we were just happy to be able to continue our business.  After continuing to battle and struggle through the Covid pandemic we were finally beginning to bounce back when our landlords called us to inform us that they were terminating our lease at the end of July 2022.  This completely caught us off guard because what happened to don't worry everything was going to stay the same?  They ended up putting in a pawn shop in our old building.  We began looking for another building, but have not been able to find one that is large enough to house our very large units and affordable enough to be able to remain open.  If you know of something please do not hesitate to give us a call, send us a text, send us a Facebook message, or send us an email.

Call/Text: (870) 404-9883  Email: party@bounce-palace.com

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Admission for Unlimited Play

$12.00 for Ages 4 and Up

$6.00 for Ages 3 and Under

Summer Hours of Operation

‚Äč(June 1-August 15, 2021

 Monday                        Private Parties

 Tuesday-Thursday      10 am - 6 pm

 Friday                           10 am - 8 pm

 Saturday                      10 am - 8 pm

 Sunday                        Private Parties

The Bounce Palace, LLC

Inflatable Rentals

Bounce Into FUN!!!

School Hours of Operation

(April 1-May 31, 2021)

 Monday-Wednesday    Private Parties

 Thursday                       3 pm - 8 pm

 Friday                            3 pm - 8 pm

 Saturday                       10 am - 8 pm

 Sunday                          12 pm - 5 pm

Party Prices

Weekday Party

Room Rental

Includes 2 hours for 15 children, cleanup, and all paper products

Weekend Party Room Rental

Includes 2 hours for 15 children, cleanup, and all paper products

Private Party Rental

Hours not open to public

(Whole Facility) 

Includes 4 hours for 25 children, cleanup, and all paper products

Additional Children $5.00 Each